Monday, November 18, 2013

Redshirt Gameplay Review

I'm playing Redshirt, a sci-fi life management simulation by The Tiniest Shark and Positech Games.

In the game, you interact with randomly generated people aboard a space station using Spacebook, where you can create relationships (friendly and romantic), “like” posts, “tag” others, talk about work, write private messages, or compose inane messages about song lyrics. The social map displays the relationship values with friends and coworkers, and you can improve relations with others by creating events that involve their interests. You also should improve your career by befriending the boss of the next job and practicing the skills required for that line of work. Money earned from working can be spent on lavish events to impress your friends and items that will boost your stats. “Away missions” also occur at random times, killing off some of your redshirt friends. Overall, Redshirt is a unique take on the life management game in an inspired setting.