Monday, December 02, 2013

Blasted Fortress Gameplay Review

I'm playing Blasted Fortress, an artillery action game by Dapper Swine Games.

Resources won by destroying castles are used to purchase replacement ammunition; this can lead to a dead-end if you run out of cannonballs and can’t destroy the additional castles required to purchase more cannonballs. Different ammunition types are appropriate for the varied defensive materials in the game, and optional objectives can unlock more research points. Growing food using meat-based plants will also allow for more advanced weaponry. You can design custom castles or play against human opponents, but only if your foe’s IP address is known in advance. The sieges offer uneven layout difficulties; more challenging designs will simply drain you of precious resources. Controls are simple as you adjust the angle and power of each shot. The repetitive nature of the game, along with unbalanced difficulty and resource collection that can permanently dwindle, make Blasted Fortress an artillery title to forget.