Sunday, December 15, 2013

Darkout Gameplay Review

NOTE: Apparently I was supplied with a beta code for the game instead of the release version. While I cannot say for certain if the release version is more complete than the version I assessed, please keep that in mind while watching.

I'm playing Darkout, a sandbox survival platform game by Allgraf.

Landing on randomly generated alien worlds, darkness, where enemies lurk, is your foe. The interface provides quick access to crafting and research items, but makes it too easy to perform an unintended action like opening a door instead of attacking the enemy on top of a door, or accidentally dropping items instead of equipping them in the toolbar. Gathering resources is accomplished by mining and chopping down trees, but blocks must be refined before they can be placed. Ammunition, potions, machinery, furniture, lighting, storage, armor, weapons, and tools can all be constructed using the required ingredients. New items are researched using points earned by mining and crafting, though the game doesn’t specify what is needed for a particular research item until you have all the necessary prerequisites gathered by accident. Enemies must be harmed with light before they can be directly attacked. Although Darkout does have some novel ideas involving shadow, crafting, power, and resource collection, the game is not a fully polished experience and its various shortcomings do add up over time.