Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Professional Farmer 2014 Gameplay Review

I'm playing Professional Farmer 2014, an agricultural simulation by PlayWay and UIG Entertainment.

A career mode begins with a tedious, repetitive tutorial that forces you to repeat the same tasks multiple times. A more open sandbox mode is suggested once you come to terms with the basics of the mechanics. Cooperative online play would be a nice addition. The large game world is nicely detailed, although buildings you need to access for goods are spaced too far apart for my tastes. The interface offers handy key binding reminders for each vehicle you control, which can be tractors, combines, and their various attachments (fertilizers, plows, cultivators, trailers, bailers). The agricultural shop sells seeds and animals, “petrol” is found at the gas station, and the bank can provide loans for expensive equipment. You can also spend your income on new fields and additional personnel to assist with the work. The gameplay mostly consists of driving back and forth across your fields using a different attachment each time: first a plow, then a cultivator, then a seed spreader, then a fertilizer, then a harvester, then a hay baler. It’s repetitive by its very nature; thus, only true fans of farming will derive any sense of enjoyment from Professional Farmer 2014.