Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Golf Club Closed Beta Gameplay Preview

I'm playing the closed beta of The Golf Club, a golf simulation by HB Studios.

The game features a powerful course creator capable of procedurally generating plausible courses in a matter of seconds. You can change global settings for altering an entire course or tweak options for individual holes, or start a new course from scratch, adding new holes one at a time. Courses can be uploaded to the central server, where they are played by others and voted upon; the efforts of human golfers are shown as ghost balls on the courses as you play. While there is stroke, match, and four ball play right now, tours and tournaments will be added before release so you can link several courses together in a playoff-like system. The game currently uses the gamepad as the only control scheme: you aim using the left stick and swing using the right stick. A decent enough (as good as can be expected using a gamepad instead of a mouse and keyboard) interface allows you to plan your shots. The Golf Club is planned for release this year.