Thursday, March 06, 2014

Infested Planet Gameplay Review

I'm playing Infested Planet, a real-time strategy game by Rocket Bear Games.

The campaign features branching paths offering story, random, and timed missions of increasing difficulty. Cash earned by attempting and completing missions can be used to unlock new weapons and items. There are also randomly generated skirmish missions that can be further tweaked with custom sliders, and weekly challenges with online leaderboards. The objective is to destroy and capture alien hives. Troops will attack automatically, and you can easily issue “fire rockets” and “attack-move” orders to all of your units. Points are earned by destroying hives which can then be spent on different weapons, researched upgrades, or defensive structures. You never get enough points to afford everything and there are many upgrade options to choose from, so strategic variety remains high. Enemies come in various types, and the alien horde gains a randomized mutation bonus whenever a hive is captured. Overall, Infested Planet is a unique, well executed real-time strategy title with exceptional replay value.