Monday, March 17, 2014

PAC-MAN MUSEUM Gameplay Review

I'm playing PAC-MAN MUSEUM, an arcade game collection  by Namco Bandai Games.

The title features ten classic PAC-MAN titles in low-resolution and all capital letters: the original PAC-MAN, PAC-MANIA (an isometric game where you can jump over ghosts), PAC & PAL (where you collect cards to use items), PAC-LAND (a platform game), SUPER PAC-MAN (with the ability to smash through walls), PAC-ATTACK (a Tetris clone), PAC-MAN BATTLE ROYALE (a multiplayer game with no online play), PAC-MAN ARRANGEMENT (with items), PAC-MAN CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION (where pellet locations shift), and MS. PAC-MAN (for the ladies). While there certainly is a lot of PAC-MAN to PAC and/or MAN, only the most enthusiastic fan will find enough replay value to spend $20 on this compilation of simple, old games that are simply old.