Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Out of the Park Baseball 15 Gameplay Review

I'm playing Out of the Park Baseball 15, a baseball management game by Out of the Park Developments.

The latest edition of the venerable baseball simulation franchise includes 2014 rosters, new international leagues, 3D ballparks (eventually), a reworked interface, and a host of minor features. In addition to using the opening day rosters for 2014, you can play out any historical season starting from 1871 or customize a league. Your inbox fills with important messages as you peruse intricate team stats and league schedules and results. The 25-man major league roster, 40-man roster, disabled list, and minor league rosters can all be adjusted for injuries or performance, or you can just manage a minor league team and deal with the roster changes made by your major league GM. Meticulous player ratings are used to adjust the pitching rotation, bullpen structure, lineup, and depth chart for your team. You can also adjust strategy options for game simulations. Games can be managed manually (choosing specific pitching or batting strategies and making substitutions), or you can watch the results as they happen in real (or accelerated) time across the league. Games progress at a good pace, although making pitching substitutions should be easier. The AI managers and simulation results both seem to produce plausible results. Much like in previous versions, Out of the Park continues to be the go-to baseball simulation.