Wednesday, April 30, 2014

War of the Vikings Gameplay Review

I'm playing War of the Vikings, a multiplayer third-person combat game by Fatshark and Paradox Interactive.

The online game features several modes: team deathmatch, pitched battle (one life per round), conquest (capture areas), and a smaller arena mode intended for a reduced player count. The focus is on melee combat with swords, axes, and spears, although bows are available for the aspiring archer. Three basic classes are given primary and secondary weapons, shields, and four perks; playing the game awards experience points to unlock cosmetically different items and coins used to purchase them. The controls uses the mouse to both aim, block, and look around simultaneously; this method is inexact and disorienting during the action-packed battles. Attacks can be charged up to cause more damage, resulting in methodical but deadly combat. With “friendly fire” active, no armor, and the aforementioned control scheme, swinging wildly near teammates can be a poor decision. Stunned enemies must be finished off or they can be revived to full health by their teammates. While more approachable and aesthetically dissimilar to its predecessor, the laborious and awkward combat of War of the Vikings lessens its appeal.