Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wargame: Red Dragon Gameplay Review

I'm playing Wargame: Red Dragon, a military real-time strategy game by Eugen Systems and Focus Home Interactive.

The game moves to Asia, adding campaigns and units from Japan, China, North and South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. The maps are significantly improved, with much more realistic changes in elevation, varied terrain, and coastal regions to support the new naval units. The solo campaign divides units up into smaller divisions for more flexible strategies. The same engaging multiplayer remains with several game modes to determine victory, and skirmish games are available against the AI. All units are unlocked again for building your decks, although the naval units needs to be better organized and are too generic as the same ships are recycled for every nation on a side. The naval units are disappointing overall: the best strategy is to mass a bunch of units together and shoot down all incoming missiles. There is no cheap, effective counter to groups of naval units like there is for powerful tanks and planes, which makes naval spam difficult to avoid. That said, the strong aspects of previous Wargame entries remain: scouting with recon, using cover, the effectiveness of infantry in urban areas, resupply, and morale. Despite the naval shortcomings, Red Dragon is another improved entry in an excellent real-time strategy series.