Thursday, April 10, 2014

Warlock II: The Exiled Gameplay Review

I'm playing Warlock II: The Exiled, a turn-based fantasy 4X strategy game by Ino-Co Plus and Paradox Interactive.

This sequel is very similar to the original game, especially in the sandbox mode. The major new addition is the Exiled campaign, where you must conquer a series of maps connected by gates, leading up to a showdown with a massive boss. The game rules have been tweaked to decrease city spam (through both a numerical city cap and more aggressive monsters), leading to more exploration and less settlers. Hero units can now be recruited and given weapons and items, and a revised spell tree allows for less random, more structured research. The quality of the AI opponents, both rival mages and non-playable monsters, has been improved, although your adversaries still love to found cities and inefficiently move units. Featuring minor additions for owners of the original game, Warlock II: The Exiled is a pleasant turn-based strategy game on its own merits.