Friday, May 02, 2014

Daylight Gameplay Review

I'm playing Daylight, a first-person horror game by Zombie Studios and Atlus.

The game features procedurally-generated maze-like levels of exploration interspersed with light puzzle sections (flipping a switch or moving a box). The game takes a couple of hours to finish and is restricted checkpoint-only saved games. The always-on-screen smartphone map is useful, although it should differentiate between unexplored doorways and dead-ends. You can collect glow sticks to highlight secret areas (although opening everything you come across is a viable tactic) and flares to defeat shadowy monsters. In each maze section, you must collect a number of artifacts, active a special location, and find the doorway to the next set of rooms. Even with randomized layouts, Daylight is repetitive because the simple objective remains the same in each portion of mazes.