Monday, May 05, 2014

Endless Legend Early Access Alpha Gameplay Preview

I'm playing the early access alpha of Endless Legend, a turn-based fantasy 4X strategy game by Amplitude Studios and Iceberg Interactive.

The game currently features a number of innovative features. First, the randomized maps are divided into regions, and only one city can be built per region, reducing city spam. Each region also contains a minor faction that must be pacified through military action, a bribe, or a quest. You can then assimilate the faction into your empire and gain its bonuses. Every twenty turns, you can spend influence points on your empire plan, applying bonuses in four areas. The game world offers quests (both a branching main story and side quests), ruins to explore, and seasons that affect movement and production. Each tile contains basic resources (food, production, money, research, and influence); additional strategic (for forging items for your units) and luxury (for bonuses) resources can be discovered. Your cities grows over time, allowing for improvements and regional expansion. Each race starts with access to three of the five (infantry, ranged, support, cavalry, flying) unit classes (the other two can be unlocked by assimilating minor factions); basic units can be customized with weapons, armor, and items. Your heroes gain experience over time and can be assigned to lead an army to apply their expertise to a city. Battles take place on the world map; while you do not directly control units, you do issue movement and attack orders with behavior modifications. Finally, Endless Legend has a non-linear technology tree divided into eras, and diplomatic options are present. The game is scheduled for release when it is released.