Wednesday, May 07, 2014

M.A.V. Early Access Alpha Gameplay Preview

I'm playing the early access alpha of M.A.V., a mech combat game by BombDog Studios.

The game features both single player against bots and online play against other humans. A big part of the game is mech design: you can choose weapons, armor, cockpits, generators, tracks, legs, and wheels and attach them together to construct the ultimate killing machine. You can then assign weapon groups and paint your monstrosity. An “auto generate” option is also available to provide a randomized design to get quickly into the game. There are two control styles: one where movement follows your aim (like in traditional first-person shooters) and another where the chassis moves independently of your weapons. M.A.V. features part-specific damage during methodical combat . The game is scheduled for release in late 2015.