Monday, May 26, 2014

War, The Game Gameplay Review

I'm playing War, The Game, a real-time strategy game by Gabber Games.

The game features slightly over twenty scenarios that are played out on a stylized globe. There are significant problems with the balance in most scenarios: either a short time limit is given, or the enemy has too many units. There are no skirmish games and no scenario editor to extend the content. An obtuse interface allows for grouping of nearby units and attacks against enemy groups. For simplicity, all units have the same attack value (except for infantry defending a city): infantry, tanks, fighters, bombers, battle fleets, transports, and aircraft carriers. Buildings are scattered around the map that can produce new units. Combat victory is given to the side that has the most units; since units cannot retreat from battle, War, The Game becomes a matter of massing as many units together as possible and hoping the enemy can’t gather more. With such simple game rules, tactics and strategy lack depth. The issues with scenario design and overly simple mechanics mean War, The Game cannot be recommended.