Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Ancient Domains of Mystery Gameplay Review

I'm playing Ancient Domains of Mystery, a roguelike role-playing game by Thomas Biskup.

Recently resuming development thanks to crowdfunding, the game now features 2D tile graphics in addition to ascii. The disappointingly non-random game world map is populated with randomized dungeons, and death, as always, is permanent. Rudimentary mouse support has been added to the game, but ADOM still relies heavily on keyboard commands (some obscure, like the comma to pick up objects) that must be committed to memory for more efficient play. Character design is pleasingly thorough, offering a customized or random race, class, talent, skills, and attributes. You can wield a number of different items and weapons, in addition to using magic and tools during your journey. New items can be found in the game world or purchased in town shops. You must also occasionally eat (corpses can be consumed) and heal over time. Further features include the ability to pray to your god, undertake quests, search for hidden treasures, and adjust the aggressiveness of your combat attacks. This newest version of Ancient Domains of Mystery is certainly more accessible thanks to improved graphics and other additional features, but the continued reliance on obscure keyboard commands for a majority of the input inhibits truly wide appeal.