Wednesday, June 11, 2014

HTR+ Gameplay Review

I'm playing HTR+, a slot car racing simulation by QUByte Interactive and Libredia.

The game features a number of different track layouts that are unlocked by finishing first in the previous event. There is also an easy-to-use track editor, and you can share your creations online and download those made by others. Money earned during events can be used to purchase upgrades for your car. The controls are terrible for the PC: you must hold down the mouse button and move the mouse vertically to control the speed of your car; simply using mouse movement without requiring the button to be held down would have worked much better. HTR+ could have also used triggers from a gamepad, which would be a good analog for the actual controls for slot cars. The physics are plausible, although some funky collisions are occasionally seen. Driving does require skill to slow down and not spin out, and you have to memorize each track layout because HTR+ lacks a minimap. The AI is also done well, exhibiting mistakes and providing a reasonable foe. HTR+ is a faithful replication of slot car racing sabotaged by the control scheme.