Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Legions of Ashworld Gameplay Review

I'm playing Legions of Ashworld, a turn-based strategy game by Jugilus.

The game features one campaign on a single map, reducing replay value. In the game, you need to recruit neutral leaders to join your cause and take on the overwhelming enemies. The interface allows for easy access to your units, and while movement is a bit cumbersome, the graphics are certainly distinctive. New troops and supplies can be purchased with money earned through taxes; supplies are necessary for units to recover battle and marching aptitude during times of rest. Magic items can be purchased, sites can be searched for goods, and roaming animals can be hunted for additional supplies. Battles are automated and take several days depending on the quantity of units involved. The skewed difficulty of Legions of Ashworld, giving far too many units to the enemy, and the lack of replay value make it a tough game to recommend.