Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rise of Nations: Extended Edition Gameplay Review

I'm playing Rise of Nations: Extended Edition, a real-time strategy game by SkyBox Labs, Big Huge Games, and Microsoft Studios.

This remake of the classic game includes the base game and expansion, slightly better visuals, multiplayer through Steam, and Twitch integration. The original features remain intact, starting with tons of custom game options and action-packed gameplay on randomized maps. The multi-layered mechanics lead to many strategic options through resource collection, expansion, research, upgrades, trade, wonders, and military units. The interface, though not improved, is still strong with easily accessible data and plenty of hotkeys. The Risk-like campaigns and very capable AI round out the package. While the new features aren’t tremendous and some multiplayer matches suffer from connection issues depending on the host, Rise of Nations is as good as you remember and belongs in the library of every computer strategist.