Monday, June 23, 2014

Super Toy Cars Gameplay Review

I'm playing Super Toy Cars, an arcade racing game by Eclipse Games.

The game features almost fifty levels spread across twelve levels in a career mode where winnings can be spent unlocking new cars and upgrades; a first place finish in every race is not required to proceed onward. An intuitive track editor, with sharing through Steam Workshop, is also available. Five modes are available: race, eliminate (where last place leaves every fifteen seconds), evade (eliminate mode with tons of mines), and two timed events. Controls include boost that is earned through airtime and power-ups that can be thrown or placed. The game has touchy auto-reset when you venture even a slight amount off-track, and the physics can become wacky during collisions. The AI does make mistakes and provides good competition, provided you are in evenly-matched cars. While not the most polished arcade racing game, Super Toy Cars does provide light, action-packed racing and compelling features such as online play and a track editor.