Monday, July 14, 2014

Contraption Maker Gameplay Review

I'm playing Contraption Maker, a physics-based puzzle game by Spotkin.

The game features 141 official puzzles, plus tons more created by the community using the editor. Cooperative multiplayer is also available. Taking inspiration from The Incredible Machine, Contraption Maker features a large assortment of balls, walls, gears, fans, conveyor belts, ropes, scissors, buckets, balloons, lightbulbs, flashlights, candles, rockets, lasers, mirrors, animals, dynamite, bombs, and whistles to make each puzzle go. While most puzzles usually only have one or two solutions, the sheer volume of parts, coupled with the ability to skip past any level, keeps the frustration level down. While it is not as open-ended as I would have liked, Contraption Maker is a worthy update to The Incredible Machine.