Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Instant Dungeon! Gameplay Review

I'm playing Instant Dungeon!, a dungeon exploration game by with the love studios and Flying Interactive.

The game combines a couple of ideas from roguelike games, randomly generated levels and permadeath, with puzzle-like enemy avoidance and maze exploration. There are five game modes that add extra lives, a practice mode, boss-only battles, more difficult levels, or quest-based progression to the formula. The objective in each level is to find the key and the exit; coins are used to keep score. Your character can only equip and use one one-use item at a time, which increases the tension when enemies lie between you and the nearest sword, shield, or magic scroll. Instant Dunegon! definitely offers $2 worth of entertainment thanks to its multiple game modes, use of maze and puzzle elements, and incorporation of roguelike mechanics.