Monday, July 07, 2014

Pro Cycling Manager 2014 / Le Tour de France 2014 Gameplay Review

I'm playing Pro Cycling Manager / Le Tour de France 2014, a bicycling management simulation by Cyanide Studio and Focus Home Interactive.

The game involves riders and events from across the globe for the current year. In the career mode, one real or custom team is managed by adjusting the staff, fitness and training schedule, yearly rider objectives, sponsor objectives, equipment research and development goals, rider transfers, and scouting. Single multi-race tours, individual stages, classic races, track events, and multiplayer are also available. The 3D races play out much the same as before, although consecutive orders (what to do after the current order is completed) and automated race tactics are new features. Other than those two new features, the interface is the identical to the one used the past several years, allowing for adjustments to rider effort level and orders like attacking, defending, maintaining position, or fetching water. The AI is good enough and the races play out plausibly. Pro Cycling Manager 2014 continues the sports game tradition of releasing a full-priced edition every year with minimal changes.