Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Real Boxing Gameplay Review

I'm playing Real Boxing, a boxing game by Vivid Games.

The game features a career mode where you pick a boxer and enter progressively harder round-robin tournaments. Timing mini-games in the gym (or cold, hard cash) are used to increase strength, stamina, or speed. Quick matches and online play are also available. Real Boxing supports several control options to throw punches: cumbersome keyboard input, or buttons or the right analog stick on a gamepad. Stamina prevents you from punching too often, and two knockdowns when your health reaches zero usually results in a knockout. You can block punches or tap the same button to dodge and counter a blow. Clinching (hugging) an opponent to recover health wastes an incredible amount of time with its stalemating button-mashing mini-game. While the AI fighters are challenging opponents, the repetitive commentary and knockout-heavy results inhibit realism. While the button-mashing mini-games and other assorted oddities of Real Boxing prevent it from being the world champion, the fan-friendly price does make it a contender.