Monday, July 21, 2014

Z Gameplay Review

I'm playing Z, a real-time strategy game by The Bitmap Brothers, TickTock Games,  and Kavcom.

This reissue of the classic game from 1996 offers absolutely no enhancements: low-resolution graphics (720p), no windowed mode, and no multiplayer make the game feel incredibly old. The campaign consists of 20 levels where you must capture territory and eventually the enemy base. The huge mini-map (thanks to the low resolution), while useful, takes up a large portion of the screen. Right-click commands are removed entirely, so selecting units and issuing movement commands are commonly confused. The game also does not support the mouse-wheel, there are no tool-tips of any kind, and there are no construction queues for buildings. Infantry and vehicle units will attack nearby enemies automatically. The pace is extremely slow with tedious unit movement and production rates. Pathfinding issues are also present, with units moving into buildings or forgetting orders. This terrible, money-grabbing edition of Z is outclassed by free, open-source tributes to the original game.