Monday, August 11, 2014

Epigenesis Gameplay Review

I'm playing Epigenesis, a first-person action sports game by Dead Shark Triplepunch.

Featuring five-on-five contests, the goal is to jump across platforms and throw the ball into the goal. A single player mode is available against bots, although this is simply a practice mode as the bots aren’t great teammates and rarely exhibit competent movement across each of the game’s five maps. You also can’t issue orders to the bots, and their incompetence can prove to be frustrating. The game’s floaty physics involves a lot of jumping and missing platforms; tumbling downwards towards a respawn is a very common feature (it’s analogous to a kill), especially since shooting an enemy will accelerate them rather than causing damage. Scoring a goal earns a seed that can be planted on the map; each plant comes with an active ability and passive buff for the team. Pickups (like grappling hooks and speed boosts) are also scattered across each map. Epigenesis is a fairly innovative game with a fast pace best enjoyed online.