Monday, August 04, 2014

Machines at War 3 Gameplay Review

I'm playing Machines at War 3, a real-time strategy game by Isotope 244.

Featuring a linear campaign of over twenty levels, the game also includes a skirmish modes with several options (difficulty, landscape, allowed units, victory conditions) and randomized maps along with online multiplayer. A tutorial also teaches the basics of the game. The interface is well designed for an RTS, with quick access to buildings, units, and construction options. Scout units can auto-explore, and selecting all buildings of one type will divide unit queues. There is also a Supreme Commander-style zoomed-out view for a wider battlefield survey. Ore (collected automatically and mined from special resource locations) and power (from cells and turbines) are used to provide a host of different land, sea, air, and mega units, along with buildings and defensive turrets. Three technology tiers unlock better unit options, and research labs can grant unit bonuses. Huge battles involve interesting decisions regarding where to allocate resources: new units, research, buildings, or defenses? The AI is also a very capable opponent, easily beatable on the lowest settings but providing a stout challenge if fully enabled. Machines at War 3 is a feature-filled and inexpensive update in the real-time strategy series.