Wednesday, August 27, 2014

To End All Wars Gameplay Review

I'm playing To End All Wars, a turn-based grand strategy game by Ageod and Matrix Games.

Featuring only two campaigns (with either historical or user-directed warplans), one short scenario, and a tutorial, the Central Powers, Western Entente, or Eastern Entente can be commanded. The interface and game engine are showing their age, with diplomacy conducted in funky off-map boxes and slow turn resolution. Resources can be spent purchasing new units, which are grouped into containers as with other Ageod titles. Units can be ordered around the map, issuing different postures and special commands. Supply lines must be kept, and eventually new technologies can be researched. Simple diplomatic options and other decisions are also made during the course of the war. Combat has a new feature: a battle planner that allows various choices in army arrangement and strategy during conflict. The AI is competent given the complex nature of the game. To End All Wars is exactly what you would expect in an Ageod title about World War I.