Monday, September 22, 2014

Battle Academy 2: Eastern Front Gameplay Review

I'm playing Battle Academy 2: Eastern Front, a turn-based strategy game by Slitherine.

The streamlined turn-based strategy series returns with four campaigns (that can be played cooperatively online) covering the Eastern Front, a skirmish mode with randomly generated maps and scenarios, and online asynchronous multiplayer; an included editor and mod support, along with the random skirmishes, help to extend the life of the game. The simplified interface (designed with touch screens in mind, no doubt) use left-clicks to select and issue orders, such as movement, attacking, laying smoke, and assaults. Hidden units can also ambush the enemy (especially infantry units), and units gain experience with successful combat. A host of infantry, artillery, reconnaissance, and armored units are available for both the Germans and Russians. Special tactical bonuses, such as airstrikes, morale boosts, or off-map artillery, can be called in. Morale, line-of-sight, and terrain are also tactical considerations. The AI does a nice job playing the game, staying outside of the range of your units, keeping defensive units hidden, but attacking the same area with waves of units that get destroyed in quick succession. Still, the approachable mechanics and extremely high replay value, thanks to randomized skirmish games and online multiplayer, make Battle Academy 2 a distinguished turn-based strategy game, especially for novices.