Friday, September 19, 2014

Cannon Brawl Gameplay Review

I'm playing Cannon Brawl, an action strategy game by Turtle Sandbox.

Fast-paced matches on destructible 2D levels, where players attempt to eliminate the enemy base, can be enjoyed in the twenty-level campaign, AI skirmish battles, or online multiplayer. Each pilot has a different ability, and your roster of five structures must be chosen before each match, adding a layer of strategy to the game. Controls use either a gamepad or the keyboard; the mouse is not supported, a significant limitation for a speedy strategy game. Resource collectors, support buildings (shields, healing, boosters), and projectile launchers (cannons, lasers, missiles) can be placed in territory captured by floating balloons. All structures must be placed manually from your dirigible, and the weapons must also fired by flying around the map, leading to frantic gameplay where building placement and unit firing occur in quick succession. Cooldown timers do decrease the pace ever so slightly, and guns can be upgraded for more powerful and more damaging ammunition. Cannon Brawl is a very quick game that supports varied strategies, appropriate for those who enjoy frenzied strategy games.