Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Endless Legend Gameplay Review

I'm playing Endless Legend, a turn-based fantasy 4X strategy game by Amplitude Studios and Iceberg Interactive.

Featuring single-player or online skirmish games, there are extensive new game customization options, including multiple victory conditions and varied factions to command. The slick interface makes most pertinent information easy to find. A major innovation of Endless Legend is only allowing one city to be build in each map region; this greatly reduces city spam. The population of each city can be assigned to collect one of the game’s basic resources; strategic and luxury resources required for weapons and other items can also be mined. A large array of buildings can be placed to boost local resource production. Each region also includes a minor faction that can be pacified and assimilated through bribery, quests, or combat. Each faction has access to three of the five unit types (infantry, ranged, support, cavalry, flying); the other two can be gained through minor faction assimilation. Units and heroes can be equipped with weapons and items to boost their stats. Additional features include quests, ruins to explore, roaming creeps to exterminate, an empire plan to allow for bonuses every twenty turns, a non-linear technology tree, trade routes, a marketplace to buy and sell, and basic diplomacy between powers. The AI plays the game well enough, taking advantage of weak nations when given the opportunity. The multiple unique features and mechanics of Endless Legend make it an exemplary fantasy 4X game.