Wednesday, September 10, 2014

McDROID Gameplay Review

I'm playing McDROID, an action tower defense game by Elefantopia.

There are a decent number of scenarios and arena survival modes to choose from (unlocked in a linear order) that can be played alone or cooperatively online. Your manually-controlled droid can collect resources (strawberries, obviously), place turrets on fixed locations, repair and upgrade towers, or assist in destruction by mounting a turret itself. McDROID features automation in the right places (collecting resources, attacking enemies, repair), which cuts down on heavy micromanagement while still requiring interaction to be successful. Tower types are fairly basic (lasers, missiles, area spells), and tasty strawberries can also be spent on upgrades for your droid, mothership, or the towers themselves. Researched upgrades are earned across the campaign by collecting diamonds, unlocking new items to use. The game can get frantic, and the terrible minimap can result in a distinct lack of useful information at the worst times. Still, the interactive nature and relative flexibility of McDROID takes it a step above your typical tower defense game.