Wednesday, September 17, 2014

SPACECOM Gameplay Review

I'm playing SPACECOM, a real-time strategy game by Flow Combine and 11 bit.

Featuring a fourteen-mission campaign and eight standalone maps for AI skirmish or online multiplayer, the goal is to capture the enemy systems by invading resource-producing, unit-producing, and repairing systems. There are three ship types: battle fleets that attack enemy ships, invasion ships that capture systems, and siege fleets that disable a system for both sides. The fleet population cap is increased by capturing more system. Resources for fleets and defenses are automatically transported to the systems that need them. Fleets more faster through friendly territory, and attrition is experienced in enemy zones. Battles are all automated, so its simply a matter of having more ships. The mechanics of SPACECOM are easily approachable, but the limited strategies decrease replay value and long-term enjoyment.