Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Door Kickers Gameplay Review

I'm playing Door Kickers, a tactical strategy game by KillHouse Games.

The game features over seventy stand-alone missions with varied objectives (clear hostiles, rescue hostages, defuse the bomb, arrest suspects, stop an execution, protect a VIP), a random mission generator, and several campaigns with linked missions. Steam Workshop support is included so players can exchange mods and custom maps made using the editor. Completing missions (successfully or not) awards experience points that unlock new classes and weapons; soldiers will gain better stats through combat experience. The interface is streamlined: soldier paths are drawn using the mouse and contextual actions can be made at doorways (use camera, flashbang, breach). Coordinating attacks through doorways can be a bit tricky on occasion, although “go” codes can be used to execute simultaneous actions. Door Kickers offers up some very challenging scenarios with solid gameplay and the potential for long-term support thanks to the map editor and randomized missions.