Friday, October 10, 2014

Front Page Sports Football Gameplay Review

I'm playing Front Page Sports Football, a sports management game by Cyanide Studio.

The game includes official or randomly-generated leagues, the former of which includes the 2014 teams and players from the NFL (albeit with the names changed to protect the innocent). You can customize your team name and colors, but not that of any other team; you also cannot rename players or player ratings. Finances and drafting are as you’d expect. Your depth chart and roster can be adjusted, using confusingly-colored overall rating cues to determine the best players. Training between games can increase stats in specific areas or team performance on specific plays, a neat idea. Custom playbooks can be designed, although the interface makes this a tedious process. Lengthy simulation times coupled with the inability to save or pause during a match elongate the season. The game gives you sixteen plays (out of eighty in your playbook) to choose from during any down. The in-game experience is lacking: you can’t decide what to do on fourth down (the game automatically kicks or punts for you), you can’t onside kick, you can’t go for two points after a touchdown, the substitutions can’t be manually adjusted, the clock stoppage rules are wrong (and there’s no two-minute warning), and penalty yardage is frequently incorrect. The game also suffers from a multitude of bugs, from occasionally locking up when starting a game to refusing to simulate random games during a season. Front Page Sports Football is a title that was released too early and it has too many problems to recommend.