Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Heavy Bullets Gameplay Review

I'm playing Heavy Bullets, a roguelike first-person shooter by Terri Vellmann and Devolver Digital.

Featuring randomly generated levels and permadeath over eight levels, the game is fast paced with quick movement and low health for both enemies and the player. A handful of different enemy types are found, offering various challenges in the neon-colored maps. The revolver only holds eight bullets, which must be picked up and manually reloaded after they are used, adding tension. A large variety of items can be purchased using coins dropped by enemies: potions to heal, buffs for speed or collection radii, or alternative weapons like knives and rockets. Coins can also be stored at a bank for future playthroughs, or you can opt for life insurance or a last will to preserve items for next time. Heavy Bullets offers a very effective combination of fast-paced first-person shooting with roguelike elements to produce a compelling gaming experience.