Monday, October 06, 2014

Meridian: New World Gameplay Review

I'm playing Meridian: New World, a real-time strategy game by Elder Games and Headup Games.

With a campaign lacking innovation and feature-limited skirmish games for singles only, the game has an outdated interface that prevents selecting idle or combat units, seeing what types of units are actually selected, zooming the view in or out, and changing the keyboard commands. The main resource is slowly mined from the map by workers; power and food are required to run a handful of structures and raise the population cap, respectively. A small variety (two per building) of infantry, light vehicles, heavy vehicles, and flying units can be produced, along with defensive turrets and laboratory upgrades for units. Friendly units are very aggressive in engaging nearby (and not-so-nearby) enemies, though the skirmish AI could be better at expanding. Overall, Meridian: New World lacks the strategic variety required for long-term enjoyment.