Monday, October 27, 2014

Pike and Shot Gameplay Review

I'm playing Pike and Shot, a turn-based strategy game by Byzantine Games, The Lordz Games Studio, and Slitherine.

The game features three campaigns covering the Thirty Years War, English Civil War, and Italian Wars, plus randomized skirmishes on computer-generated maps and online multiplayer using Slitherine’s PBEM system. The interface (like a lot of the game) is essentially identical to Battle Academy 2; a number of foot, horse, and artillery units are available for both ranged and melee combat. Once a unit engages another in melee combat, it does not stop until one side routs, a game mechanic which reduces tactical flexibility. The inability to ignore “priority” enemy units or routed units and engage others nearby also makes it more difficult to flank your opponent. Casualties are very low; morale always determines the victor. While Pike and Shot takes a solid game engine to a new setting, the unique game rules produce slow and restrictive gameplay.