Monday, November 10, 2014

Dungeon of the Endless Gameplay Review

I'm playing Dungeon of the Endless, a tower defense roguelike by Amplitude Studios.

Featuring randomly generated levels and permadeath, the goal of each floor in the dungeon is to explore and find the exit, and then carry a crystal to to the exit while chaos ensues. The game can be played alone or online cooperatively with up to four others. The squad of heroes each have different abilities (both passive and active), stats, and equipment; heroes will automatically engage any enemies they encounter, drastically reducing micromanagement. Four resources are collected and used: industry builds things like resource producers and turrets, science researches new things to build, food reheals and levels-up heroes, and dust is used to power rooms. A powered room will never spawn enemies, so laying out a secure, defended path to the exit is key. Once dust resources become scarce in the higher floors, the game devolves into constant monster hunting instead of strategic turret placement. Still, Dungeon of the Endless is a refreshing combination of roguelike and tower defense.