Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Enforcer: Police Crime Action Gameplay Review

I'm playing Enforcer: Police Crime Action, a third-person police simulation by Odin Game Studio and Excalibur Publishing.

Taking place in a small mountain town, the game progresses in real-time as you patrol the streets, gain experience, and spend your off-duty time sleeping, eating, and taking showers. The control scheme cannot be changed to utilize more intuitive buttons to turn on sirens, order suspects to comply, or interact with objects. Missions are dynamically generated, involving vehicle checks for speed, drunk drivers, or illegally parked vehicles, or driving to a highlighted location and shooting bad guys. Injured suspects are taken away in an ambulance, arrested folk in a police van, and cars by the tow truck. Warrants can be requested to enter buildings, and cones can be placed to halt vehicles. The AI is as you’d expect in a budget-priced title. While the rough edges are obvious and the missions become repetitive, Enforcer: Police Crime Action does offer an open-ended take on the life of a police officer.