Monday, November 24, 2014

Hell Gameplay Review

I'm playing Hell, a fantasy turn-based strategy game by Hunted Cow Studios and Slitherine.

A modification of the Battle Academy 2 game engine, Hell features two ten-mission campaigns (one for good, one for evil) where you can access any scenario at any time. Unlike other Battle Academy 2 offspring, Hell does not feature randomized maps or single-player skirmish games; nine maps are offered for online play using Slitherine’s handy play by e-mail system. Melee and ranged units have a variety of special abilities and/or spells that can buff or damage other units. Combat involves placing units around the enemy to enable flanking and support bonuses; this decreases morale (called “willpower” here) and increases damage. The AI is very inconsistent (which may explain the lack of single-player skirmish games), occasionally surrounding your vulnerable units but usually sending ineffective piecemeal attacks; generally, the game has to supply the AI enemy with more units to compensate for lacking tactics. While Hell is an inspired adaptation of the Battle Academy 2 engine, the title lacks randomized AI skirmishes and a competent computer opponent.