Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Merchants of Kaidan Gameplay Review

I'm playing Merchants of Kaidan, a trading simulation by Forever Entertainment.

A couple of scenarios vary starting conditions as you trade your way around the empire. Cities can offer workers to join your convoy, cart upgrades, and training. Eventually, you can join a guild, invest in income-producing mines, or hire additional advisors. Traveling on the game map triggers significant random events that can severely hinder your trading efforts. Merchants of Kaidan has unfair profit margins (buy prices are well above sell prices) and seemingly random purchasing locations (food isn’t cheapest in villages, and tools aren’t cheaper in cities, for example), which makes trade extraordinarily difficult. In addition, prices shift without justification, so there is no way to rely on specific trading routes. In the end, Merchants of Kaidan is far too challenging, due to random and senseless pricing, to recommend.