Monday, November 03, 2014

NS2: Combat Gameplay Review

I'm playing NS2: Combat, a first-person shooter by Faultline Games and Unknown Worlds Entertainment.

Shipping with five maps, this mod of a mod places the focus on multiplayer, although somewhat capable bots are available to practice against. The goal is to destroy the single enemy base. NS2: Combat features the same classes, weapons, and items as Natural Selection 2, but with no commander, individual players get to choose the upgrades themselves using experience points earned from kills and helping your teammates. This is the major difference between the original game and this modification, and the result is a slightly faster pace and more individual decisions on upgrades; the remainder of the game plays the same. NS2: Combat still relies on teamwork for success, although the need for a capable commander is obviously removed. This standalone offspring of Natural Selection 2 exchanges the strategic depth of the original for a faster pace and individually-directed upgrade choices, a trade that is generally unnecessary due to the lack of drastic gameplay or tactical changes.