Friday, November 14, 2014

This War of Mine Gameplay Review

I'm playing This War of Mine, a civilian survival adventure game by 11 bit studios.

A team of three survivors must collect resources and craft items in order to survive in a war-torn city. Beds, chairs, heaters, and workshops to make bandages, water, cooked food, alcohol, medicine, or weapons can be constructed using resources collected overnight; upgrading a workshop unlocks more options. Scavenging is done at night by one of the team; they enter buildings of varying levels of hostility to collect parts for making things, food, medicine, weapons, or other resources and items vital to the team’s survival. The game involves interesting decisions regarding which resources to collect at night and what to spend the resources on, although the gameplay does become repetitive after a while. Still, This War of Mine is a unique take on the survival game in an intriguing setting.