Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Ultimate General: Gettysburg Gameplay Review

I'm playing Ultimate General: Gettysburg, a real-time military tactics by Game-Labs.

The branching campaign offers several choices for the next scenario, from a pool of over eighty, based on the results of the previous battle. Consisting of three phases per day for up to four days, objective points must be captured. While a single battle does not last more than thirty minutes, the game lacks time acceleration for those slow periods. Once branches are encountered in the campaign, they are available as single custom battles; the game also support online multiplayer. The interface uses intuitive fluid arrow-drawing for unit movement orders. While pressing “M” will toggle contour lines, it can be difficult to quickly ascertain elevation, line of sight, unit facing, and morale; since the game is in real-time, this can be problematic during hectic conflicts. Historical units (infantry, skirmishers, artillery, cavalry, and command units) are present on the battlefield. Units will automatically engage appropriate nearby enemies and rotate on their own, reducing the micromanagement considerably. The AI can exhibit nine different personalities, although it never becomes competent enough to win consistently, even on the most difficult levels. Due to issues quickly determining important things like line-of-sight, morale, and elevation, Ultimate General: Gettysburg is a good, but not great, start for a tactical strategy series.