Friday, December 05, 2014

Foresight Gameplay Review

I'm playing Foresight, a real-time strategy game by Strides Interactive and KISS Ltd.

The game features three ten-mission single player campaigns and twelve maps for a skirmish mode that can be played online or against the AI. Most maps feature sectors connected by wormholes to introduce chokepoints. Foresight features only a handful of buildings (resource collectors, ship builders, and overpowered turrets) and units (scouts, fighters, bombers, and carriers) to choose from. Officers can be hired to lead fleets of ships, which increases the population cap in exchange for making the units somewhat autonomous. Units are produced rather quickly, which impacts game balance. Units will automatically gather resources and attack nearby enemies, reducing micromanagement. However, the AI isn’t quite smart enough to handle fleet automation. The enemy AI is nothing special either, launching poorly organized, intermittent groups of ships. Although the use of fleets is intriguing, the gameplay of Foresight has been hindered by lackluster AI, a lack of strategic depth, and issues with game balance.