Monday, January 26, 2015

Magnifico Gameplay Review

I'm playing Magnifico, a turn-based strategic board game by Mixel and Slitherine.

Lacking any type of multiplayer (online or local), the game features four maps (Europe, Germany, Asia, and America) for three or four players. The goal is to accumulate victory points by winning auctions, building castles, using auction cards, and controlling territory. Each province earns the owner money and units; money can be spent on unit upgrades in an auction, or used to build or upgrade castles, purchase units (tanks and planes), play cards, or invade surrounding territories. Magnifico supports multiple paths towards victory, a hallmark of a flexible strategy game. You are limited to only three invasions or attacks per turn, three moves per turn, and attacking with up to six units per type, so the game rules are slanted away from pure military domination. The attack does go first in combat, however, so it is possible to invade the enemy. The AI is a very competent opponent and plays the game well. While Magnifico does not offer large replay value due to missing multiplayer options, the gameplay is solid and inexpensive.