Thursday, January 15, 2015

NEO Scavenger Gameplay Review

I'm playing NEO Scavenger, a role-playing survival game by Blue Bottle Games.

Stranded in rural Michigan, the protagonist starts out with a selection of skills and traits. The interface isn’t streamlined as some actions require more clicking than should be necessary. Hunger, thirst, warmth, fatigue, and injuries must all be monitored closely in the unforgiving game world. Resources are found by scavenging hexes, and more advanced items can be crafted. In addition, vehicles and hacking opportunities are present. Encountering roaming hostiles (including bandits and dogs) triggers turn-based combat that involves choosing a specific action (run, charge, attack, take cover, talk) each turn. Seemingly random deaths can become annoying, but the large variety of items to find, challenging gameplay, hostile world, and immersive mechanics make NEO Scavenger a can’t-miss survival game.