Thursday, January 01, 2015

Scrolls Gameplay Review

I'm playing Scrolls, a card collecting strategy game by Mojang.

The goal is to destroy three of the enemy’s five idols. A tutorial teaches the basics of the game (but is vague on deeper strategy), with single player and online matches both available. Coins earned by playing matches can be spent on new cards (or you can invest real money to quicken the process). Creatures, structures, enchantments, and spells can be played onto the game board, each with different attack, health, and cooldown ratings; some cards also have special abilities. One card can be sacrificed each turn to increase the amount of resources earned per turn or draw two new cards. Units can be moved once per turn to adjacent tiles, which helps to increase strategic options. While not a groundbreaking title, Scrolls is a solid addition to the card-based strategy genre.