Monday, February 02, 2015

Dying Light Gameplay Review

I'm playing Dying Light, a zombie survival game by Techland and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

The game features a main storyline with side quests and challenges. Online cooperative play is supported, but technical issues (hard lock-ups) plague public games (playing with friends, and lower ping, has fared better) and framerate problems have been reported. Night offers more aggressive zombies, and a “be the zombie” mode offers asymmetric play. Not just a neat gimmick, parkour allows the protagonist to avoid ground-based zombies by leaping between buildings and other objects, injecting a sense of gracefulness to the violence. Experience gained by completing campaign missions, jumping around, or swinging blunt objects unlocks new skills. Weapons are almost exclusively melee in nature; durability degrades over time, so items must be repair or replaced. Looting buildings is important, as components can be used to craft health, lockpicks, and other items. Expensive high-level weaponry can also be purchased from shops. Enemies offer some variety (especially at night), and the combination of brutal weapons and quick movement can produce some engaging gameplay. A logical improvement over Dead Island, Dying Light is an adequate title with some technical limitations.